Thursday, 19 October 2017

Tommy's Thankful Thursday - One Voice

Tommy: I speak with one voice, that of all of us at Poupounette Central, plus the horses we love, currently Vidock, Violette, Hotesse, Doucette, Heloise, Reinette and Reseda, to say how thankful we are that we have people who love us.

I am thankful that it's OK to get brown paws:

That I can sleep at the foot of #1's bed:

That I can go so many places with her:

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Wednesday Whinnies - Two Lives

#1 here. As promised, I want to explain to you  about the horse emergency that took up almost all of my Sunday and Monday.

Last Saturday, there was an auction to sell off the horses on the farm of a dear friend of mine who died suddenly in his 82nd year in February. He was one of the best Percheron breeders in France and the quality of his herd. I worked hard to get the girls ready for the sale and was there all day Saturday for the auction.

Everything seemed to go well and it looked like all the horses had found good homes. Then, on Sunday afternoon, I heard from a friend that two of the broodmares, both 12-years old, had in fact been bought by a "secret" meat buyer (someone sent by the meat man to do his dirty work). I was horrified and decided to do everything I could to bring them to safety. I spent all of Sunday working the phone and FB Messenger, trying to get financial support to buy back the mares. The guy was willing to sell them back to me at a considerable profit. I also started to look for places where I could put them if need me for a few months. I was very touched by the kindness shown by those I called and by Sunday evening, I had both funds and someone who really wanted them. Here are the two girls:

First, Reinette de Vanoise (I spent a lot of time grooming her the morning of the sale):

And Reseda de Vanoise (Photo taken last year when she had her last foal):

On Monday morning, I realised that there was an emergency that had to be dealt with immediately: When Reinette was loaded on to the awful meat lorry on Saturday evening, she was torn away from her 5-month old daughter, Heroine. That is still very young and it is best to wean foals progressively rather than brutally like that. By Sunday morning, they had been separated for 36 hours already, and it was urgent to get them back together again if Reinette was to continue providing nourishing milk for little Heroine. We therefore jumped in a vehicle and sped up the hour north to where Reinette was being "held" and brought her home (I later cleared with her new owner that she would be sable to stay with her daughter until the end of November).

The reunion between Reinette and little Heroine was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Reinette got down from the trailer, not knowing where she was, and then she slowly understood, and started to neigh. From far in the distance, a little neigh sounded back, and a bunch of horses started cantering towards us, with little Heroine in the lead:

"Is it really you, Mama?"

Together again!

Mother and daughter cantering off into the field!

Reinette's udders were about ready to explode with milk but Heroine emptied them very quickly!

In the afternoon, we also went to bring Reseda home. They will be staying in the beautiful place where they had always lived until the end of November, when Heroine will be weaned and will go to her wonderful new home, and Reinette and Reseda will go to their new family who will treasure them and look after them.

Here, also, is a shot of Reseda stepping back onto "home" soil:

I later learned that another filly, this one only 4 months old, had been wrenched away from her mother who had also been bought to go for meat. The kind man who had bought the filly found out and went back to buy the mother as well. Dorine and little Hazelle will now go together to their new home:

I was lucky to have around me so many kind people who were willing to help in many different ways to bring these mares to safety. The mares had no voice and were victims, not of the sellers who were appalled when they heard what had happened, but of the auctioneer who, instead of selling them for a lower price to someone who would treasure them and care for them, preferred to sell them for a few hundred Euros more to the meat man's representative. Shame on him.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Well, that was quite a two days! #1 was crazy on Sunday, mainly on the phone and computer at home, and then yesterday, she was gone almost all day, not even taking Tommy at home. She says she will tell you about the big horse rescue operation tomorrow. In the meantime, we were all exhausted just looking at her!

I did some napping on her behalf:

I really hope that helped a bit!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Manly Monday

Tommy: We would like to start by apologising for the lack of commenting on our part yesterday. We noticed that we in turn got very few comments. #1 unexpectedly ended up spending a big chunk of the day trying to save two 12-year old broodmares that she heard had been sold for meat at an estate sale. It took all of her time and energy from early afternoon through the evening but with a lot of help from a bunch of people, she succeeded and the mares are safe!

Before all hell broke on that, she and I had lunch with some visitors from England, and I met Bess and Poppy:

They of course are Border Collies, so they were far too busy to pay attention to me, even though I was being very manly!

I also got to spend an evening with my little buddy, Tora-Chan:

Vidock; Moving right along here. No, the photo is not out of focus It was fthat oggy!

 Da Genj: I am quite pleased with this photo #1 took of me:

Da Beebs: I am very sleepy, #1! Please don't disturb me!

Tora-Chan: Hi everyone! That #1 lady and Flopy Ears came to see me again!

I have to tell you, that rucksack smells so good! It's like being with all my cousins!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It's already Sunday again and we are ready to spend the day snuggling with #1. Apparently, she is going away next weekend, so we had better get it all in this week, right?

I thought that we would start with the horses this week as they have been rather MIA in our recent SoS posts, especially Miss Violette, so we will kick off with her!

Next up is Big V. Look at that tongue! 

#1 also managed to get a snuggle selfie with Violette's Mama, Hotesse, with Miss heloise doing a bit of a photo bomb!

#1 also caught a sweet pic of Tommy snuggling up to her whilst she was in bed one morning:

 And here is Tommy enjoying a snuggle when he ran into one of his young fans when out on a walk a few days ago:

Snuggling up to #1 on the sofa in the evening seems to be the rage with the boys at the moment:

We girls, on the other hand have been snuggling with Tommy:

It remains for me to wish you much happy snuggling!

Saturday, 14 October 2017


Sei-Chan: Well, we had a close shave this week. #1 thought that it was goig to be yet another SEIturday post with archive shots of me and then.... THE SUN CAME OUT!

And my furs gleamed!

What do you think of that, then?


Have a great SEIturday!

And we would like to welcome some old friends back to blogging! PEI in the Life were among our first blogging friends, with the one and only Bolo, the Shar Pei. When Bolo crossed the Bridge, the beautiful Ching My arrived. But then, there was a long period of no posts at all. Just recently, though, the family has been joined by a new girl, Wedgie, and they are blogging once more! We are so thrilled to have them back! Oh, and how about re-starting Nose-Vember?

Friday, 13 October 2017

Family Friday

Genji: With one thing and another, #1 has taken fewer pics than usual this week, so let me see what I can find for you....

Here is one of me and my bro, Tommy, hanging together in the living room:

And one of Da Beebs and Mama Tama at the window in the study:

And here is Sei-Chan hanging out in her new favourite sleepy location on the upstairs landing, with Tommy not too far away:

In the very extended family category, here is our calf for the year and his Mama. As you can see, he is outside the fencing and she is inside. The little rascal is small enough to get out and gets to feast on the greener grass on the other side of the fence!