Sunday, 4 December 2016

Seven Today! Beebsy Birthday Bash

Da Beebs: Welcome, Dear Friends,  to my 7th Birthday celebration. None of us can believe it has been seven whole years since I came into this world, by Caesarean, courtesy of Dr. C. I was supposed to spend the first three months of my life here and then move on to another home like my brothers and sister, but, as soon as I opened my eyes, I knew that this would be my Forever Home, and I made sure #1 knew it too.

I have dressed up in my best bib and tucker for my birthday:

I am sure you want to see some baby pics, right? Here I am, at a few days old, with my wonderful Mama Tama:

With my siblings, aged one week:

Three weeks old:

As you know, I grew into a splendid mancat. Here I am at five months:

 A little before my second birthday:

My first Houbibi adventure...

Four years old:

Shortly before my sixth birthday:

Now those of you who have been friends with us all along know that my Mama never really came to terms with the fact that I didn't leave, unlike my brothers Fuku-Chan and GoGo-Chan, ad my sister Hime-Chan. So, our relationship has always been rather difficult. But she is my Mama and she raised me to be the boy I am today, so the only thing I ask for my birthday is that she is well again. We have all been very worried about her, and it is now looking increasingly likely that there is something wrong with her heart. So, from the bottom of my heart, Please Get Well Soon, Mama Tama.

#1 here. I have always had a special relationship with Beebs since I raised him from birth. He is truly larger than life, incredibly sweet but with a totally wild streak to him. He is very protective of his home and provides endless cuddles, especially at night when he sleeps under the covers, curled up against me. Happy Birthday to my very special Beebsy Boy!

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Sei-Chan: Can you believe it's already December? I shall soon have to start some serious supervising of Christmas cards and present mailings. Things are beginning to get back to a more normal state of affairs here, after a few more blips with sister Tama, and we are starting to think of Christmas decorations. So I have to keep on top of everything!

You know that I am #1's little red girl, and this week, she managed to get a shot of me in a sunpuddle where I am positively glowing!

Of course, I also need to a little carol rehearsing. I have already started, and I believe in just belting them out...

Busy Busy, Busy! 

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for Bibi's Birthday Bash! 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Vidock and Violette Vendredi

Vidock: I have a funny pic of my handsonme self to share with you. I think I shall make it extra large...

Violette: Hey! I can make funny faces too!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tommy's Gotcha Day Thursday!

Tommy: On December 1st, 2007, #1 embarked on an amazing journey. She drove about an hour and a half away, with a friend, to pick up a little Tommy that would change her life forever! Poor #1 was so nervous that she did not even dare to hold me...

On the way home, I sat in the friend's lap, wondering what my future held:

When we got home, I was welcomed by this little rusty-coloured guy called Sen-Chan who extended the paw of friendship with no reservations:

And a couple of days later, I met Auntie Madrac (The OWCB Fernant) who would show me all the ropes:

 Sen-Chan and I immediately became the best of friends. He showed me how wonderful kitties are:

Here is one of the first pics of the three of us together:

Nine years have passed since then. I could not have been gotcha'd by a better family. Sweet Sen-Chan left us only a year later, and along the way we have also lost Yuu-Chan and Madrac. But I have my #1 who takes me on so many adventures with her, and I have my Tama, Sei, Beebs, Genji and my woofie pals Fernant and Damia. I also have my parents, Minnie and Joe, with whom I spent my last birthday, and my lovely sisters Sophie, Lydia, and Elsie, my niece Emily, and my aunt Cora, and Ms.A and Mr. R with whom all my woofie family lives. My life is full of love and sweetness.

I love this pic of me and #1, taken this past summer:

I love romping in my fields:

I love my life.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

The four Chans at rest in the living room yesterday afternoon. Can you see them all? Tama-Chan is on the back of the sofa on the left. Sei-Chan is on the back of the bigger sofa. Genji is on the back of "his" armchair with the blue Peggy's blankie. And Da Beebs is on the radiator under the window.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Hello Dear Friends. I can't believe it has been a whole week since my "Twheezeday" post. I am still not back to normal and #1 is having a hard time telling just how I'm doing. Overproximity syndrome, she suspects. I have now been on my new meds for several days and I am going to Dr. C's this morning, so we will update later on. I am out and about, not hiding or anything. I am eating, demanding treats (especially ham!) and brushies. I screamed at the Blue Boy when he came too close to me. But I am still quite congested, with occasional coughing fits.

We have had some nice sunpuddles and I think that #1 has rather outdone herself in the Tama Portrait category!

I was looking at some light bouncing off the wall!

She even managed to catch me at floor level, when I was having a bit of a wash:

And how about this for a sunpuddle?

I am keeping my paws crossed that I will get a good report:

A gentleman who does energy work and who has already worked on Da Genj, Sei-Chan and Vidock, has been working on me and told #1 I would be fine and she should not worry so much. We all hope he's right. 

VET VISIT UPDATE: I'm better! It' official! We were a little late in setting out for Dr.C's this morning as I confess I hid UTB for a while. But #1 managed to coax me out, and I sang the Aby Anthem all the way (45 minutes), without coughing or sneezing once! The first thing that Dr. C did was to listen to my lungs and my heart. Lungs CLEAR, heart beating normally and sounding fine. I am still not 100% but it does seem that I have turned a corner. I have three more days of antibiotics and I will continue on the diuretics, in diminishing doses, and the heart support meds, for a while. If all goes well, I shall go back to see Dr. C in a month and have a follow-up blood test and x-ray. So, we will continue to keep our paws crossed, but for now, we are happy!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: We finally got some sunpuddles on Sunday, and #1 was out in force with her camera!

By the way, I have a big day coming up next Sunday and I hope you will join me in celebrating!

Da Genj: I have been very good about letting #1 spend more time with my big sis Tama as she hasn't been feeling well, but of course I still sleep with her at night! 

 Here is a shot of me waiting for treats!

Vidock: I should be getting back to work soon, but #1 has been preoccupied with little sis, Tama, and Mr. JP hurt his back, so I am on vacation for a few days longer.

Do you like my proud look?

And my gazing into the distance look?

Tommy: As I live with kitties, I learned when I was young how important it is to bathe and keep yourself looking good, but I do get a big tangled sometimes...

And here I am, hanging with my brother Genj. I had just come in from romping in the fields and my coat was a bit wet.

We wish all of you a good week. #1 will be taking Tama to the vet again tomorrow for a check-up. All paws crossed.