Sunday, 19 February 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Welcome, Dear Friends, to our weekly post where we celebrate the glory of snuggles. As I host this, I often go first and, this week, here is a shot of me whilst #1 is giving me one of those excellent morning brushies I get every day. As you can see from my eyes, I really, really love it!

You also know how I like to keep #1 company when she gets out of the shower. Of course, that is an excuse for more snuggling...

Sei-Chan has been indulging in her usual mega-snuggles with Tommy:

And taking Sunday Selfies with #1...

My Beebs is pretty consistent in his snuggling with #1. He hops onto her desk and demands attention NOW!

Strangely enough, she almost never says no.

As for Da Genj, well he is... Da Genj!

We do not have any snuggle pics with the Vs today, but we do have two special guests. First of all is our beautiful neighbour cow, Wowie, giving #1 a big lick:

The second story is a little  sad. #1 lost a good friend this week, an older gentleman who was a famous breeder of Percherons in France. This gentleman had a magnificent black stallion called Titus. #1 stopped to see Titus yesterday, to give him some snuggles and carrots, and a friend took this snuggle pics of the two of them:

Titus is a really sweet boy, which is how such a picture could be taken. #1 said this would not be possible with our Big V as he is naughty and he likes to bite!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

SEIturday, Somebody?

Sei-Chan: It did not escape my attention that I got very few comments on my SEIturday post last week, a lot less than we usually get on any post. Do you not love me? Am I not interesting enough? What should I do? I don't want to feel unloved and sad! I am crossing my paws that this week will be better...

I do realise that my posts don't offer the kind of excitement you get in some other posts. I am shy and a bit of a home body, but #1 always tells me that I am really, really special. She says I definitely have the cutest face here.

The weather here has warmed up quite a bit. #1 says there are even some crocuses blooming in the garden! I took advantage of some sunpuddles to investigate the area under my study window hammock:

May I help you with something, #1?

Oh, I see. You need help with the blog post?

You know I am always happy to supervise your efforts.
And lastly, #1 decided she needed a close-up of me napping in my hammock:


Friday, 17 February 2017

Feline Friday

Genji; Have you missed me? I have been having a good week, eating and playing, and ambushing my sisters every time I get the chance (even though #1 is never too pleased about that...). She tells me I should be ambushing my Kickaroo instead.

The problem is that the kickaroo doesn't squeal.... TeeHeeHee...

Anyway, here is a photo of me looking picture perfect:

Da Beebs: I have TOTALLY adopted our new Peggy's Blankie!

No. I did not fall off. Remember that my Mama is Dangle Queen Tama! 

Although I still occasionally use our other Peggy's blankies.

Tama-Chan: Oh this sunpuddle feels so good!

Sei-Chan: So does "borrowing" some non-renal wet food from one of the boys!


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Woofs everyone! It has been a good week so far. The weather has warmed up and we have had quite a bit of sun, so #1 and I have been spending more time outside, which is always great as far as I am concerned!

We went to say hello to our gypsy neighbours who live at the bottom of this lovely lane:

And of course, we played ball in the field!

Just check out the ears!

I am one busy boy!

But I too like to find the occasional sunpuddle to relax in:

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wonderful Blankie Wednesday

Da Beebs: We were wondering what we would write about on today's post and then the mail lady arrived. She brought us a box, and it was from Ms. Peggy of Peggy's Blankies. It was our new blankie!!! #1 rushed to unpack it and we all loved it the minute we saw it. It is the most beautiful colour!

Genji helped #1 to open the box, and aside from the blankie, there were several great critters inside for us to play with!

#1 put the blankie on the back of the sofa and we investigated:

And it gets even better! When we asked Peggy about payment, she said we did not owe her anything but she would love it if we could contribute a little something to the charity of our choice. So, there is a bunch of stuff on its way to Winnie's Wish. Thank you, Peggy, for being so generous!

Hey, #1! I'm under attack!!!


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Greetings everyone, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Here is my Valentine Special photo:

You know how much I love cushions, so one more cushion was very welcome!

I have to say that #1 has done rather well in the photo category this week. Here is a fun early morning series she took. When she opened the curtains in the living room, there was a sunpuddle and I had to stretch to get to it!

#1 put the second pic on Facebook and one of her friends in Japan told her I had sexy legs! So, I guess that's a good choice for Valentine's Day, right?!

And just before she opened the curtains, she took what she calls my "boudoir" shot:

This next shot, Dear Friends, is a perfect example of having your human well-trained. They bring you your meal and then hold the dish whilst you eat:

Oh, and do you remember that photo posted by my sister Sei-Chan last Saturday, with me looking rather blurry? well, there was another one in which I am not blurry, so there!

PS: Tommy is taking party in the big K-oss Vaentine's Day Party with the lovely Wilhelmina. Here is their photo, courtesy of Murphy and Stanley. Thanks! 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Manly Monday Featuring Genji

Genji: Are you wondering why I get to be featured in today's Manly Monday? Well, I was helping #1 with her blogging when she looked at the diary from last year:

And she realised that it has been one year since she had to take me to Dr. C's because I wasn't eating, and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and found to be Feline Corona Virus positive. We posted about it here and the support from all of you was amazing. I was put on a special high protein diet and came home after 48 hours in hospital, not at all sure what the future would hold. Over the past year, #1 has watched me like a hawk and I am happy to say that, so far so good! I have regained weight and am eating well, and if I show any sign of anything, I get bundled off to see Dr. C toot sweet. #1 is hoping that this was just a blip, and that I shall "live long and prosper" with the best of them. To celebrate the one year mark here are a couple of recent portraits of me:

This next one is less artistic, but it shows me having fun with my Kickaroo!

Da Beebs: He can be a little pesky but I am glad my little bro is doing well!

Tommy: I am also happy for little Blue Boy. I like to hang with him.

Vidock: Several of us have given #1 big scares over this past year so our resolution is to all be well this year. This of course, does not mean I will no longer be naughty...